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Active since : 2022

0x4rt is a consulting company specializing in NFTs, cryptoart and the metaverse.

We help organizations and companies, but also artists and collectors, to understand and navigate the web3 ecosystem. Our services include curating exhibitions, training, organizing NFT and metaverse related events, and consulting.

We are the founders of the Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA) in 2018, the first NFT museum in Voxels metaverse.

We created the concept of lNew French Touch to promote French crypto art and culture worldwide.

Our expertise is based on several years of experience in digital art and NFTs, as long-time passionate actors:

- Albertine Meunier, digital and crypto artist, founder of the DataDada art movement and art consultant
- Benoît Couty, collector of cryptoart since 2018 and founder of the Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA) in the Voxels metaverse
- Thuy-Tien Vo, cryptoart and NFT collector, co-curator of MoCA and President of Ox4rt, in charge of special events

Our projects include two landmark NFT / cryptoart events in France:

- "Cryptoart Revolution" (December 2021), an event that featured 80 works of crypto art from the origin to the present day as well as two days of conferences, debates and workshops on NFTs
- "#TRASHART: NFT Garbology" (March-May 2022), the first exhibition dedicated to the #TRASHART art movement, at Avant Galerie Vossen art gallery (80 works on display)

Our latest news include training sessions on NFTs and cryptoart for the French Ministry of Culture as well as curating the "NFT Revolution" exhibition presented in Riyadh during the Next World Forum (September 2022).

Finally, we are the leaders of the New French Touch concept, an initiative that aims to promote French or French-inspired NFT artistic creation worldwide. In this context, we curated the "New French Touch" exhibition for the French Institute Alliance Française in New York (June 2022). We are also the winners of a contest organized by SuperRare, the world leader in the sale of art NFTs. In collaboration with a group of co-curators, we manage the "New French Touch" space within the SuperRare platform, thus highlighting French creation.

Paris (75011), France
We speak French, English
Update : 03/03/2023
Cryptoart Revolution exhibition (dec. 2021)
Visit the Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA)
Keynote by Thuy-Tien Vo on NFTs at Ateliers de l'Institut Français (July 2022) (Institut Français)
Testimonial of Benoit Couty at "NFT Impact" event organized by NFT Factory (July 2022) (NFT Factory)
Panel on NFTs at the French Institute Alliance Française of New York with Albertine Meunier and Benoit Couty (June 2022) (FIAF NY)
Keynote by Thuy-Tien Vo on NFTs at the event "Entreprendre dans la Culture" organized by the French Ministry of Culture (juin 2022) (Entreprendre dans la Culture)
Panel with Albertine Meunier at the Symposium on NFTs organized by the Auction Houses Council (mars 2022) (Conseil des Ventes Volontaires )
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Projects that showcase our skills and expertise
Cryptoart Revolution (exhibition of 80 artworks)
2021 - Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA)

"CryptoArt Revolution" is the 1st cryptoart / NFT exhibition in France. It presents 50 artworks from the Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA) permanent collection as well as 30 works created for the occasion by established and emerging cryptoartists from around the world.

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New French Touch (promotion of the French NFT scene)
2022 - French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF), New York USA

During NFT.NYC, FIAF unveiled, for the first time in America, a selection of the artists who shape the French NFT artistic creation. This exhibition was articulated around the 3 favorite themes of cryptoart: vanities, classical art and impertinence.

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NFT Revolution (exhibition of 45 NFTs)
2022 - Next World Forum (Riyadh)

"NFT Revolution" is an exceptional exhibition of 45 artworks created by established and emerging crypto artists from around the world, including Saudi and Middle East regional artists.

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