3 Hit Combo

Beginning of activity : 2005

3 Hit Combo is a french structure for cultural and artistic education around video games founded in 2005 at Rennes.

3 Hit Combo is an association who considers video games as a source of social connection, creativity and education. Throughout the year, the association organises a lot of cultural mediation and workshops for a variety of audiences (schools, media libraries, public entities, youth areas, health establishments, social action structures, etc.).

Our actions :
– Sharing times together to exchange knowledge and practices,
– Create by using the game as a means of expression,
– Playing by discovering a diversity of video game forms and experiences.

The aim is to build together artistic and cultural education projects for a variety of audiences.

The association also organises the Stunfest festival around a programme who is combining discovery, esports, research and artistic performances around video games.

Update : 24/09/2022
Rennes (35000), France
We talk French, English
Contact the team
Anais Cochennec


Team of 3 Hit Combo Team of 3 Hit Combo
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