Active since : 2017

3DCREATION is a virtual reality agency specialized in immersive and interactive technologies. We offer the broadest range of virtual reality in France.

3DCREATION supports brands in their digital strategy by offering virtual reality applications, virtual trade shows, virtual tours, 360° videos, virtual galleries or various 3D renderings and visuals.

We are determined to make the best solutions in the field of virtual reality affordable.

Everything for immersion and interaction.

Passionate about new technologies, we created 3DCREATION in September 2017. Our team currently consists of seven people specialized in different fields, which allows us to offer different services to our customers and ensure complementarity. Although our office is located in Vaulx-en-Velin near Lyon, we are active all over France.

3DCREATION is now a major player in the digitalization of events and spaces. Our agency carries out multiple virtual reality projects for a large number of sectors such as industry, culture, training, tourism, education, commerce and many others. Our multiple skills allow us to produce environments, situations, exchanges, or virtual demonstrations through a simple web browser or in a VR headset.

We develop and propose solutions for all types of projects. In addition to being complementary, our services relate to all sectors of activity and bring a real added value to your digital strategy. For many years, our team of specialists has been able to fully satisfy all of our customers for high quality projects with guaranteed ROI.


Vaulx-en-velin (69120), France
We speak French, English
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Florent Hauss
Update : 06/01/2023
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