Alice Lepetit

Active since : 2019
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Interactive designer and artistic director, Alice Lepetit works with studios in the production of interactive content. At the same time, she designs and produces immersive hybrid works, halfway between documentary and fiction.

In 2022, Alice founded Eclipse Creative Studio with Stéphanie Doncker, screenwriter and director, with the ambition of combining a cinematographic approach with digital uses to offer the public powerful experiences that question the virtual and invite them to reconnect with the living.

Alice Lepetit is a designer specializing in digital narrative experiences, from independent video games to virtual reality installations.

Graduated from Olivier de Serre in 2013, then Gobelins and Enjmin in 2018, she directs her studies of graphic design towards the interactive and is closely interested in the relationship to the body in social space, with the objective to create experiences that bring generations together and reconnect to reality.

Since 2019, she has worked for French and foreign studios where she supports teams, both as artistic director on immersive installation projects such as Birdie Long Gone, but above all as an interactive designer on XR works such as Très Chers Déchets, Lost Path or La Boussole de la BNF.

At the same time, Alice brings together her own teams and carries out hybrid projects, halfway between documentary and immersive exhibition. Inspired by cinema and anthropology, she is keen to develop an ethical and committed approach to her profession. His short films and installation projects invite the public to travel to meet sometimes real, sometimes dreamlike characters, in order to question the influence of cultural codes on our daily lives.

In 2022, Alice founded Eclipe Creative Studio with Stéphanie Doncker, screenwriter and director, with the ambition to produce ambitious, sensitive and accessible experiences for everyone. This duo of creators designs around a common vision: to combine a cinematographic approach with the uses of digital technology to offer the public powerful experiences that question the virtual and invite them to reconnect with the living.

Capbreton (40130), France
I speak French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian
Update : 19/01/2023
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