Camille Lopato

Beginning of activity : 2008
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Diversion cinema specialises in showcasing and distributing immersive content. It creates and operates virtual reality showcasing spaces for companies and festivals.

Camille worked 8 years in the French cinema industry. As a distributor, she discovered new talents and used new ways to reach the audience. For the premiere of Metallica - Through the never in 2013, she organised one of the first live broadcast of the band in 10 cinemas in Europe.

Her VR adventures started in 2015 with the opening of the first VR cinema in France and continued with the creation of Diversion cinema in 2016.

In 2018, it launches a Distribution division and acts as an international sales agent for 360 videos, VR and interactive experiences, with the aim of bringing the best XR productions  to audiences worldwide.

In 2019, Camille is in charge of Distribution College for AFXR, the French association for XR, is member of CNC Digital Experiences commission, and teaches at Les Mines de Paris as well as in La Sorbonne.

With a presence at major international festivals and markets,  Diversion cinema supports production through additional funding and pre-sales, and offers solutions for monetisation through location-based and online distribution strategies. Agile and adaptable, Diversion Cinema is always looking for new partners to exhibit VR, and ultimately help shape the emerging immersive content market.

Update : 19/09/2022
Paris, France
I talk French, English

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Diversion cinema ©Stéphanie Cornfield (©Stéphanie Cornfield)


Camille Lopato works here Camille Lopato works here
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