Capital Games

Active since : 2004

Capital Games is the non-profit for video games businesses in Paris Region. We help and support over a hundred studios, publishers, service providers, media and schools.

Our mission is to foster sharing and collaboration between our members, and to provide every service they might lack: business development, mentorship, Twitch streams and Steam sales, we do everything to help our network of companies and promote their creations. Our achievements include Jeux Made in France at Paris Games Week, IndieCade Europe, Game Connection Europe, Game Made in France on Twitch and Steam, the Paris Region grant for video games and a comprehensive mentoring program for young studios and veterans alike.

Paris (75019), France
We speak French, English
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Eva Bahbouche
Romain Lenoir
Partnerships and development
Update : 06/02/2024
Games Made in France 2021 - Trailer
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Projects that showcase our skills and expertise
Games Made in France Satellites

We can work with the French cultural network abroad and its partners to facilitate the organization of events promoting French independent video games abroad. Get in touch with us!

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