Collectif Scale

Active since : 2010

Scale is a group of creatives from very different professional and artistic backgrounds. A Parisian-based collective, Scale is above all a group of passionate friends who wanted to do something unique in their spare time by bringing their expertise together.

"We don’t consider ourselves artists, per se, although it is often claimed that at Scale we produce art installations. Indeed, none of the Scale members were trained at major art schools. Our academic and professional backgrounds are more technical. Our collective is dominated by our knowledge of cables and soldering irons."

Scale takes inspiration from the world of contemporary art as well as from mainstream and pop culture. Its members love Star Wars as much as Vasarely, video games and modern art.

“By coming together under a single name, we can now claim to defend an intimate artistic language.”

Since its beginnings, the Collectif Scale has questioned the links between music and visuals, light and architectural design, entertainment and contemporary art, nature and the future, man and machine. Through exploration, they try to provide answers, which are integrated into their multimedia installations.

This artistic proposal employs the collective’s wide range of technological skills; from motion design, research, development, mapping, LED design, interactivity, robotics, and programming. Over the years, Scale has developed its own language to create sensory, interactive, playful works with a strong focus on innovation, which are accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

Montereau Fault Yonne (77130), France
We speak French, English
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Valentine Antheaume
Joachim Olaya
Artistic direction
Update : 15/05/2024
Scale Team
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