Draw Me A Pixel

Active since : 2017

Draw Me A Pixel is an independent video game studio that was created in 2017. It is based in Villeurbanne, France. However, the team works remotely. The studio is best known for creating the critically acclaimed There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension, released in August 2020 on PC and May 2021 on Nintendo Switch.

In 2015, Pascal Cammisotto's game jam There Is No Game: Jam Edition 2015 was a huge success. To pick up on this, Pascal Cammisotto wanted to create a new game, a commercial one this time. Following the failure of the Kickstarter campaign that was launched to finance There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension, and with the help of two of his friends, Pascal Cammisotto created the independent studio Draw Me A Pixel

The studio was founded in 2017 by Pascal Cammisotto. The team of Draw Me A Pixel was initially made of 3 veterans of the video game industry: Sophie Peseux in charge of the management, Guillaume Vidal in charge of programming and Pascal Cammisotto, director and founder of the studio. In 2021, the team has grown: Pauline Chauchot is in charge of digital marketing and Géraud Soulié is the new artistic director of the studio. 

Villeurbanne (69100), France
We speak French, English
Contact the team
Pascal Cammisotto
Sophie Peseux
Pauline Chauchot
Update : 06/01/2023


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Pocket Gamer Awards Best Narrative Game (United Kingdom) - 2021
Pégases Best Game Design (France) - 2021
The Aggie Awards Best Adventure of 2020 (United States) - 2020
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