Éditions Animées

Beginning of activity : 2014

Éditions Animées is both a creative studio and publishing house. In 2015, we launched an innovative book concept - The Animated Colouring Book - for children aged 4 to 11, which combines plastic expression, orality and reading.

We adapt our BlinkBook technology for museums, heritage sites, brands and companies through tailor-made mediation & communication projects using 3D animations, immersive technologies, sound productions and paper creations, from the idea of an original scenario to the display of an in situ project.

Éditions Animées is a French publishing house founded by Claire Faÿ in 2014. Using the free BlinkBook app, available worldwide, the Animated Colouring Book animates images you’ve colored in. First, read the text and color in a drawing. Then take a picture of the colored illustrations, and.. It magically comes to life !

With 800,000 books circulated worldwide and over 10 million movies generated from our BlinkBook app, the Animated Colouring Books connect together the virtual world and the reality in a very powerful way. 'Interactive coloring, voice recording, photography: countless are the ways to transcend the here and now, discover imaginary worlds and breathe new life into books as objects. In 2019, Éditions Animées won the Digital Innovation Publishers Award at the French Trophées de l’édition. We also won The Educational Innovation Award at  the London Book Fair 2022.

We put our digital book concept at the service of school learning. Teachers can use it for their educational sequences around reading and learning French, arts and sciences. A catalog of more than 20 titles offers to young people and adults stories to read and listen to by creating their own cartoon.

The Animated Colouring Book has been translated and published in English, German, Korean and Chinese. We have distributed nearly 500,000 books in France and sold over a million books and related products in China.

As a creative studio, we also produce innovative communication media combining paper and digital technology for brands, companies and museums. In addition to the book markets and international rights sales, our market is growing thanks to B2B projects for brands, companies, cultural and tourism players (Louis Vuitton Foundation, RMN-Gp, Center Pompidou, Normandy Impressionist, Louvre Abu Dhabi, Dior, ADP, Vinci Autoroutes, La Poste, Herta...). We create tailor-made digital marketing campaigns for them with the free BlinkBook app in which everyone can personalize their own cartoons and share it in one click on social networks. 

Since 2020, we also have been developing innovative and immersive features for museums. Winner of the Numerical French State Programme SNI 2022, Éditions Animées benefits from the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Musée du Quai Branly-Jacques Chirac, to create a new and original mediation device for families.

Update : 21/11/2022
Paris (75010), France
We talk French, English, Spanish
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Claire Faÿ
Artistic direction
Beck-Pinault Margot
Partnerships and development

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