Explor Visit

Beginning of activity : 2020

Explor Visit offers virtual tours and remote guided tours for stakeholders in the cultural sector in the broad sense. They digitize the exhibition spaces in 3D and broadcast the visit via an eponymous mobile application. Since 2021, they have been developing a platform for remote guided tours to connect guide-lecturers, institutions that can be visited virtually and visitors.

The Explor Visit project was born in 2018 around the desire of its founder Faouzi Teboulbi to make the discovery of heritage possible for as many people as possible through immersive virtual tours allowing to break down the barriers of distance (distance, handicap, intimidation) . The eponymous mobile application was launched in 2019 and today brings together around a hundred virtual tours of the most beautiful cultural sites available around the world. It can be downloaded free of charge from the stores.

Since September 2020, Explor Visit is both producer and distributor of enriched virtual tours. The startup supports players in the cultural and heritage sector in the broad sense (museums, monuments, industrial heritage, remarkable natural sites, etc.) in all stages of their virtual visit projects, from the definition of the need to the analysis of the benefits of their posting. By distributing virtual tours of cultural institutions, they benefit from increased visibility among a large qualified audience. The global health crisis, by accelerating online cultural consumption, has heightened awareness of the strategic value of the online presence of museums and monuments. It is in this context that Explor Visit has won over fifteen partner institutions in just a few months, including the RMN-Grand Palais, the Monnaie de Paris, the Cité de l'Architecture, and the Cité du Vin de Bordeaux.

Today, while maintaining its objective of sharing heritage with as many people as possible, Explor Visit is focusing the development of its project on the creation of an online guided tours platform bringing together tour guides, virtual tours and institutions. The start-up offers mediation professionals the opportunity to conduct live guided tours for distant audiences, whether remote or disabled. This new mediation tool is envisioned as a complement to the in situ mediation offer, and not as a substitute. A large audience is thus targeted, from the curious to the amateur, including the socio-educational sector (schools, social centers, care establishments) or the professional world (works councils, customers, patrons).

Update : 25/05/2022
Paris (75011), France
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