Game Atelier

Active since : 2010

Created in 2010, Game Atelier develops titles for all gaming platforms, based on unique technical and artistic knowledge.

When we first started we didn't know exactly where we would be going but that's exactly what adventure is made of.

1. We are based in Paris, France, and work with creative people from all over the World.
2. We care deeply about crafting well designed games.
3. We hope to one day create a video game that is visually outstanding and that is a blast to play for everyone.
4. We want nothing more than to create fun games that surprise you.
5. We want to live in a world where games gives you joy and touch everybody's heart.
6. We feed off images, music and technology.
7. We will be responsible for many players to experience the thrill of adventure.

We are Game Atelier.

Paris (75010), France
We speak French, English, Chinese, Danish, Spanish, Russian
Contact the team
Fabien Demeulenaere
Partnerships and development
Update : 06/01/2023


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Paris Games Week Paris (France), 2018
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