Beginning of activity : 2020

Hérétique operates at the crossroads between a think-tank, a development studio, a publishing house and a consulting agency. Our mission is to imagine, craft and share alternative visions of the digital world.

Through conferences, workshops on various topics (digital and culture, algorithms, ecology, strategy, business models...) and multiple works (mobile application, comic book, physical objects, communication campaigns) we seek to explore and disseminate other imaginaries. We are researchers, designers, developers, illustrators... For more details, you can go on our website!

Update : 22/11/2022
Paris (75011), France
We talk French, English, Spanish, Persian
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Mestrallet Antoine


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2021 - Institut Français du Sénégal

Algorithms are becoming an important part of our daily lives. However, their opacity and complexity prevent popular education about them. How can we talk about algorithms to non-expert audiences? Algoville is an illustration and vulgarisation project about algorithms.

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2020 - Alliance Française du Costa Rica

Dérive is an application that promotes wandering, as opposed to Google Maps optimization. We reinstate what apps have made you forget: intuition, trust, wandering, discovery.

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Balade Sentimentale du Bas-Belleville
2022 - Maison des Métallos, Ministère de la Culture avec l'Onda (Office nationale de diffusion artistique)

The Balade sentimentale is an exploration of the heritage of the Belleville district, combining multimedia content and digital creativity. Visitors will discover the stories of life and exile through a disorienting digital experience.

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Hérétique at the Ouishare Festival
Hérésie numérique
Hérétique x IF de Dakar x Polaris Asso
Hérétique on digital sovereignty in Denmark
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