HoloForge Interactive

Active since : 2016

On the border between virtual reality and augmented reality, mixed reality plays with the senses and revolutionizes our relationship with the digital world. Break free of constraints and fully express the potential of your profession in an experience in which individual, location and data merge into one. This new technology is today an essential step in your digital transformation, and an exceptional growth lever for your company.

HoloForge is the Asobo Studio division dedicated to professionals.

We draw on technologies and methods from video games to offer bespoke innovative solutions for professionals.

We have developed unique know-how in augmented, mixed and virtual reality by close technological collaboration with Microsoft on ambitious projects such as Fragments, RoboRaid et HoloTour, or more recently with the Microsoft Flight Simulator phenomenon.

We work with standard technologies such as Unity and Azure, and with 100% in-house technologies, to meet the challenges each application brings.

Our team uses tried and tested Agile & UX methods to offer effective and robust solutions geared specifically to your professional challenges.

Winner of multiple awards at trade fairs and festivals, HoloForge is THE leading partner on HoloLens.
Bordeaux (33000), France
We speak French, German, English
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Antoine Bezborodko
Update : 04/03/2022
Holographic human body
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