HoloVR Formations

Beginning of activity : 2019
School and training organisation

HoloVR Formations is a training course on the new professions of XR.

HoloVR Prod, an immersive live show company, is opening a "Training in Immersive Media" department including VR and AR in all its forms: writing, post-production, design creation, prototyping and interactive experiences but also Motion Design on After Effects and Storytelling in Motion Design films.

Gérard Bernasconi, the founder of HoloVR Prod, brings to the training his various experiences in the fields of audiovisual, VR, AR and immersive live performance.

The trainer

Creator of the French blog www.virtualscript.fr since 2017, author of the eBook " Writing Immersive Contents " (FR and ENG) renewed every year and available on www.virtualscript.org, teacher in many schools including the prestigious " GOBELINS école de l'Image ", he explored the possibilities of new media and, extracted from it, notions of polymorphous and evolutive creations that he transmits in his courses. He also develops graphic creation software in VR intended for stage performance or for the sale of digital artworks in the form of NFT.

About the writing

Our catalog offers 15 training modules, 11 of which are related to immersive content.

Winner of the New Media writing grant from the city of Paris 2019 for his project HoloVeeArt which announces the future of a hybridization between VR, AR, holographic theater and live animation in Motion Capture, Gérard Bernasconi develops a writing style adapted to immersive live performance.

Numerous future training courses, notably in programming languages such as C++ or C#, will be added in 2021 and will be given by Dominique Yolin (see partners), engineer and specialist in tools related to image and XR.

Update : 04/12/2021
MONTREUIL (93100), France
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Gérard Bernasconi


2019 - eBook sur l'écriture de projets immersifs VR ou AR, constats, études et nouvelles techniques

eBook on the findings, research and new writing techniques developed by the author, Gerard Bernasconi. 185 pages are dedicated to the writing of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality by addressing different contexts and genres. It is updated free of charge every year.

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