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Active since : 2018
Public institution

The Heritage Incubator is a platform belonging to the French Centre des monuments nationaux, a public institution in charge of 100 historical sites. The Heritage Incubator supports entrepreneurs fond of culture who want to develop their solutions in heritage sites. It provides trainings, personalized support from experts and the opportunity to experiment a solution in situ. In addition, the Incubator offers an expertise to the foreign cultural institutions on innovation and cultural entrepreneurship.

In 2018, the CMN launched l’Incubateur du patrimoine (the Heritage Incubator) to support and promote the innovative projects in heritage sites and consulting. The Incubator enables startups and non-profit organizations to implement and evaluate their solutions in 100 historical sites with a financial and technical support. The Heritage Incubator offers free expertise from heritage and tourism professionals, provides more visibility and opens its network (more than 120 museums, startups, experts and 25 startups alumni). 

In 2020-2021, the Incubator has taken an international turns working with the French Institute in the frame of the cultural season « Africa » 2020. It supports 3 African startups experimenting their solutions in the French nation heritage sites. 

Some examples of projects : 

Visitor services: Ask Mona develops «chatbots» which advise publics about cultural facts during their visit. 

Fundraising : Bryanthings presents photo booth that allows each visitor to become an actor and ambassador of heritage preservation by a micro donation. 

Sustainable development : La réserve des arts prevents and reduces waste while supporting the cultural and artistic sector, by giving a second life to rubbish and exhibition materials. 

Social inclusion : Lumeen develops a virtual reality solution adapted for animation and therapy for elderly people in retirement houses. 

Development : Capsulo creates micro hotel and offers to stay for one night in amazing and unique places like a heritage site. 

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Update : 22/04/2024
Introduction to the Heritage Incubator
Heritage Incubator (CMN)
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