Mathieu Gayet

Active since : 2013
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Mathieu Gayet is a consultant and journalist specialized in new writing. With several experiences around traditional media, in 2018 he launched his website, both a global database and an online magazine dedicated to the emergence of XR and virtual worlds.

From the beginning of the 2000s, Mathieu Gayet focused on the emergence of the internet and new broadcasting media.

After several years in cinema production, he co-founded in 2016 RED5, a social media and marketing agency, in order to create digital assets and deliver community management expertise for French companies of the entertainment world (cinema, television, new media, festivals and events...). His clients included The Walt Disney Company France, the Virtuality B2B show, Cinétévé... He is currently based in Paris, France.

Mathieu Gayet is also a copywriter for various media (, CinemaTeaser…) in France. For the last 5 years he was looking at new media and storytelling: virtual or augmented reality, interactive applications, and the desire to develop new tools to support producers and broadcasters in this creative sector. In July 2018 he launched a new media dedicated to immersive storytelling,, with an international and professional audience of creators, producers and curator from the XR industry.

Since 2019 he is the curator of a 3-days workshop in Angoulême, Immersity, which invites +100 creative people from the immersive industry to discuss the future of the XR storytelling.

Le Pre-Saint-Gervais (93310), France
I speak French, English
Update : 28/02/2022


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