Active since : 1996

For the past 20 years, opixido has buit a recognized expertise in the conception of innovative intercative and educational displays rooted in cultural and museum outreach programs as well as scientific projects.


Finding the right balance between creativity and technology is a key target for all our projects. Our ambition is to associate in the public's mind discovery with pleasure, playing and knowledge. opixido is expert in cultural mediation (consulting and production) and involved in innovation and creation of digital devices .

For museums and cultural institutions or events we create communication and mediation devices (both are sometimes linked). The contents, the message (art, science or heritage) are always in adequation with the publics ;  in this perspective a special attention is given to disabled accessibility .

Our team gathers various ansd complementary skills such us artans science  history,graphic and sound design, multimedia,

Among others they trust us: Le louvre (Paris, Abu Dhabi), Muséeum d'histoire naturelle (Bordeaux, Paris), Lascaux IV, Musée Carnavalet (Paris), musée de la Romanité (Nîmes), Musée Ingres (Montauban), Bruxelles environnement (Bruxelles), Musée du sport (Nice).

Paris (75011), France
We speak French, English
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Aurélie Pettoello
Partnerships and development
Véronique Triger
Partnerships and development
Update : 05/09/2022


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