Active since : 2018

Podmust curates the world's podcasts so you can focus on staying informed or entertained.

Podmust is composed of two main parts:

- A part guide, intended for the general public, organized around a directory of podcasts, which references the best podcasts of the moment according to criteria of quality and activity (the podcasts judged inactive are withdrawn from the platform to allow a continuous rotation of the creations).

- A media part, intended primarily for professionals of the Podcast and Audio, consisting of a magazine with exclusive articles, a free but private newsletter (by invitation) and a member's area with additional content reserved for subscribers, such as a daily watch on the industry or a professional directory.

The coordination between these two parts makes it possible to generate a platform of topicality and discoverability, fed at the same time by the contents of the podcasts and by the contents of Podmust. The objective is to generate discovery and circulation between the creations to promote and democratize the podcast format. The general public is invited to navigate through the contents to bring an audience to the podcasts of all sizes and all styles. French professionals will find a unique source of information on the audio industry.

Paris (75000), France
We speak French, English
Update : 05/04/2023
Introducing Podmust Pro
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Projects that showcase our skills and expertise
Podmust Live

Celebrating your birthday on April 1st is always something special. For the occasion, a new feature appears: Podmust Live. A timeline that shows the latest episodes of podcasts as they appear during the day.

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