Beginning of activity : 2019

SmarterPlan is a young technology company that is originally active in data management and 3D building digitization for real estate professionals.

Since 2021, SmarterPlan has been developing an online platform specialized in creating and managing guided virtual tours for museums and heritage sites.

Created in 2019, Smarter Data Labs SAS, the publishing company of the SmarterPlan solution, is specialized in real estate asset management through their 3D digitization and virtual visit hosted in them.

It is in 2021 that the idea to apply this technology in favour of the culture sector came from the three co-founders of the start-up. This is how the "SmarterPlan for Museum" online platform was developed. Its aim is making culture more accessible to a wider, and especially distant, audience through immersive and interactive virtual tours. The platform acts as a diffusor and communication tool between the museum, visitors and cultural mediators in order to offer real, highly immersive guided experiences, with enriched informative content.

In addition to the in-situ cultural offering, SmarterPlan for Museum is a turnkey solution allowing museums and heritage sites to become virtual scenographers of their own museum spaces. As users of the platform, cultural institutions have total autonomy over the management of their digital content they wish to create, according to the targeted visitor profiles and cultural themes addressed.

The SmarterPlan device allows multiple uses: as a communication and marketing asset to support the cultural programming of each museum and promote their cultural events as a showcase.

Today, the complementarity and ingenuity of the features developed by SmarterPlan for Museum have already delighted museums, such as the Monnaie de Paris, who's aim was of digitizing their temporary exhibitions in order to archive them and extend their online life. The start-up’s activities are expanding strongly in France and soon internationally as well.

Update : 21/01/2023
Saint-Maur-des-fossés (94100), France
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Thai-Binh Phan
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Angélique Bantikos
Partnerships and development
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Virtual tour - Monnaies & Merveilles
2022 - Monnaie de Paris

Digitization of the temporary exhibition "Monnaies & Merveilles" of the Monnaie de Paris by SmarterPlan for Museum.
Immersive experience in the museum rooms and throughout the infinite variety of forms, materials and uses of money.

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Virtual tour - Sur les pas de Napoléon Ier
2022 - Monnaie de Paris

Digitization of the temporary exhibition "In the footsteps of Napoleon 1st" at Monnaie de Paris by SmarterPlan for Museum. Immersive experience in the halls of the museum and through the history of the emperor through the coins.

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