Active since : 2009

SUPERBIEN is a creative studio for extended experiences.

We produce international award-winning projects that merge digital and physical environments. We aim to bridge the gap between opposing forces, and create experiences that are at once informative and emotive, intimate and spectacular, technological and human. SUPERBIEN specializes in immersive experience design, combining a compelling narrative, thoughtful scenography, video content & the latest in digital technology to create augmented spaces that will invite the audience into a world they’ve never known before.

Founded in Paris in 2009, SUPERBIEN is a hybrid creative studio that develops artwork and commissioned projects for international brands, institutions and in collaboration with other artists.

This unique approach sets us apart from the traditional agency model and enables us to shape cultural production with integrity, original thinking and a multi-disciplinary perspective.

Global collective of innovators, performers, artists, producers and technologists from different backgrounds and disciplines, the Studio expertise spans many artistic fields, like performing arts, spatial and experience design, animation, creative strategy and scenography. We are leaders in transformative technologies, experimental media and physical movements.

Technology is a creative gateway for new encounters, new meanings, associations, and opportunities to stimulate emotions and memories, old and new. But it’s not the purpose of our work. Our creative process uses visual language to unlock the imagination across digital and physical spaces. Every color is a feeling, every shape is a sensation, every movement is a message.

We crafted 6 layers of expertise:
VISUAL CONTENT: to create original narratives that leave a lasting impression.
IMMERSIVE EXHIBITIONS: designing immersive platforms for learning and discovery.
AUGMENTED LIVE SHOWS: to revel in the shared emotions of living art.
DIGITAL INSTALLATIONS: crafting interactive journeys converging art and cutting-edge technology.
FUTURE PLAYGROUNDS: bringing the gaming experience into the physical world.
INNOVATIVE RETAIL: merging physical and digital touch-points for a complete customer experience.

We are woldwide: Paris - NYC - Dubai!

United States
We speak French, English
Update : 17/01/2023
SUPERBIEN Showreel 2022
Superbien XR Studio
Infinity Room
NEOCYCLE - Immersive Show
Under The Sea - Immersive Restaurant
Adidas - NYC
XR Studio
Cyber Campus
Dior Guggenheim
Sea sea - Immersive Aquarium
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Projects that showcase our skills and expertise
Oceans - Immersive Exhibition
2019 - MK2, Cap 3000

OCEANS is an immersive aquarium in which the public can discover marine life in a fun and informative way while understanding the importance of protecting this fragile ecosystem. This interactive experience takes visitors on a digital odyssey over 300 square meters, the first of its kind.

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2019 - Immersive Art Festival 2019

SIDEREA is an immersive exhibition made for the Immersive Art Festival at the Atelier des Lumières Paris. Freely inspired by the explorations and incredible advances made in astronomy, SIDEREA offers a journey into the point of observation of an extraordinary celestial body.

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Virtual Harmony
2020 - Dassault Systèmes

Virtual Harmony is an artistic experience that combined classical music and generative art in an exceptional way. A unique audio responsive concert in which video contents were created and projected in real-time on a giant dome right in the middle of the Jardin des Plantes in Paris.

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