Active since : 2018

VRrOOm is a company that retranslates the magic of live performance in custom-made virtual worlds, in which the public can find themselves in the form of avatars.

#Social VR # Metaverse

Louis Cacciuttolo, former owner of the Minotaur Theater in Béziers (Théâtre du Minotaure) and Vice President of THX (Vice-Président de THX), a George Lucas company in San Francisco, created Perpetual eMotion on January 2, 2018, under the VRrOOm brand, a company that aims to bring the emotion of live cultural or entertainment events and artistic performances to the world in social XR and in real time. From VR to AR, from motion capture to holograms, to AI-powered avatars, Perpetual eMotion and its VRrOOm brand create virtual worlds of cultural, entertaining and exciting experiences that open the doors to the imagination.

VRrOOm offers social XR production services that go far beyond the virtual world to reach audiences across all media: from headsets to PCs, from smartphones to TV or radio stations, everyone can enjoy the show!

The VRrOOm Social XR cultural hub provides festivals and live events with the virtual reality extension they particularly need in these times of health crisis, and which can also allow them to reach a much wider audience in normal times. Accessible via VR headsets, or simply via a Windows PC in game mode, VRrOOm allows a global audience to attend any type of event - entertainment, arts, dance, theater, music, film, multimedia - as if they were there, and allows artists, cultural institutions, and festival organizers to reach an even wider audience through live streaming of the virtual social environment on social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch or Discord.


VRrOOm has a portfolio of prestigious clients :

- Festivals:  Venice Film Festival ;  South by Southwest (SXSW) ; New Images ; Stereopsia

- Concerts: concert of Jean Michel Jarre for the New Year 2020 sponsored by the City of Paris.

Lille (59000), France
We speak French, English, Chinese
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Update : 07/02/2023
VRrOOm Teaser 2021
Venice VR Expanded 2021 - Best Of
Jean Michel Jarre - ZERO GRAVITY - IN VR - WTTOS
VRrOOm showcasing VR experiences
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Projects that showcase our skills and expertise
Welcome to the Other Side
2020 - Mairie de Paris

The VRrOOm company has created for Jean Michel Jarre a virtual world in Notre Dame de Paris with a rich and original scenography for the New Year 2020, in the service of a hybrid show produced by the City of Paris and UNESCO.

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