Wonda VR

Beginning of activity : 2016

Wonda allows anyone to create immersive presentations to improve learning, productivity and sales across VR and non-VR devices.

Wonda was started in 2016 with the mission to empower anyone to transform their communications into engaging immersive experiences.

The platform provides powerful but incredibly easy to use design tools to build interactive presentations using photos, videos, 360 media, 3D objects and environment while providing instant cross-platform publishing options and in-depth usage reports.

Other highlights include:

- multiplayer / single player mode

- advanced quiz and scoring features

- integration with 3rd party tools (Kaltura, Sketchfab, ...)

- multiple team and project management

- state of the art privacy and security (SSO, LTI, ...)

Update : 21/11/2022
Paris (75002), France
We talk French, English
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Elie Mietkiewicz
Conception and design

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