36 degrés

Active since : 2020

Through its curatorial and mediation projects, the Parisian organization 36 degrés aims to connect the global audience to new media art practices along with the ideas that are expressed through this medium.

36 degrés re-designs the links and relationships between artworks, artists and public through new, innovative approaches.

36 degrés is an organisation born from the desire to bring digital and human artistic experiences to real life by experimenting unconventional situations.

36 degrés is a hybrid project that links new media art with electronic music, uniting them in multiple, groundbreaking atmospheres.

36 degrés promotes new media art and its creators by facilitating an intimate, spontaneous connection between the public, the works and the artists during off-site exhibitions.

36 degrés shares and disseminates new media creations and artists, through a digital and physical curation, namely via its networks and during the exhibitions it produces.

36 degrés accompanies artists in their professional endeavors, distributing their work through its network of professionals, seeking and sharing new opportunities, informing them of their legal rights and ensuring their success and professional development.

Paris (75008), France
We speak French, English
Update : 23/05/2024


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Other projects that showcase our skills and expertise
Atmospheres- Experience lounge
2021 - Partenaires: Optoma, Paris College of Art, Ambassade d'Espagne, Aurouze, Artonic, Budweiser

This exhibition offers a space to discover digital art in a unique atmosphere. Natural, sensory or social atmospheres, through the artworks and performances, we will explore the relationship between humans and the environment in which they experience and evolve.

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Beyond the pixels
2022 - Partenaires: Galerie Charlot, Plateau Urbain, VLS, Optoma, Samsung, Candide, Artonic

Existing since the 50's, new media art is experiencing a sudden surge of interest due to the emergence of crypto art. The exposition serves as an ode to digital art and tries to introduce and expose all of the different facets of this genre to the general public. 

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2023 - Partenaires: Optoma, VLS, Candide, Alios

In collaboration with the musical collective based:in, 36 degrés takes over the Grandes Serres de Pantin to expose an exclusive immersive artwork by Dorian Rigal Minuit. Accompanied by an exposition and various musical acts, this event  farewells the space before its transformation. 

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ISEA 2023 Art, science and technology. (France) - 2023
ISEA Arts et technologie (France) - 2023
Falling Walls in Art-Science Art-Science category (Germany) - 2021
Starts Prize of the European Commission Successful integration of science, technology and art to contribute to social and economic innovatio (Austria) - 2020
Bio Arts and Design Award The Bio Arts and Design Award (Netherlands) - 2019
Lumen Prize Art and technology (United Kingdom) - 2019
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Deeep Art Fair Galerie Strouk (France), 2024
Intervals festival Nizhny Novgorod (Russian Federation), 2024
Sonar Istanbul Zorlu, Istanbul (Turkey), 2024
Meta-Haus [In-Material] Paris (France), 2023
36 degrés: Au-delà des pixels Garage Amelot, 75011, Paris, France (France), 2022
Au-delà des pixels Garage Amelot, Pass. Saint-Pierre Amelot, 75011 Paris (France), 2022
Au-delà des pixels, 2022 Garage Amelot, Pass. Saint-Pierre Amelot, 75011 Paris (France), 2022
TSCN_TAKEOVER.EP7 EP7 Guinguette Numérique et Gourmande, 133 Av. de France, 75013 Paris (France), 2022
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