accès)s( cultures électroniques

Active since : 2000

accès)s( cultures électroniques is a non-profit organization which promotes since 2000 electronik and digital creations in the fields of visual art, music and performing arts.


accès)s( questions how the spreading of new technologies impacts our societies.

accès)s( explores and reports artistic approaches which show acuetness in the face of the contemporary world, through the events it organises, the artists it supports and the encounters it offers to populations. The artistic approaches related to technologies invent new aesthetic forms combining plasticity, sound and movement. The accès)s( project is based on this multidisciplinarity, a major feature of electronic cultures, and focuses on putting the works and projects presented into historical perspective.

The accès)s( project takes place throughout the year: several events are organised from January to June, while the accès)s( festival, which is national in scope, is held each year in the fall and takes over the city and its surroundings for two months.The project unfolds through a program of exhibitions, concerts, shows, screenings, meetings, conferences and artistic and cultural digital education actions, dedicated to practices, the most significant artists and thinkers today, coming from different countries.

Billère (64140), France
We speak French, English
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Jean-Jacques Gay
Artistic direction
Update : 05/01/2023
festival #21 teaser
festival accès)s( #20 - Melting Point* exhibition
festival #21 poster (Studio Chevalvert)
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