David Bigiaoui

Active since : 2001
A person

David Bigiaoui is self-taught, he built his culture and vision on digital productions through a series of experimences.

He extends his singular vision and produces with the label Cineteve Experience works of many forms and uses: interactive movies, immersive experiences, roomscale installations, video games. With projects like WEI OR DIE, Libérez Emilie, The Scream VR, and more recently Republique and Ordesa, the quality and diversity of his productions can be seen on all supports.

David Bigiaoui is a founding member of PXN; digital experiences producers association. He is also a USPA member and sitted on the board of the CNC new media commission.

Paris (75011), France
I speak French, English
Update : 05/09/2022


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Lovie Awards Best apps mobile : GAMES (World) - 2021
Pégases Meilleur jeu vidéo mobile (France) - 2021
Festival des Créations Télévisuelles de Luchon Pix du public - Série Digitale Fiction (France) - 2020
Filmgate Miami Best Project (United States) - 2020
Lovie Awards Video : Best Use of Interactive Video (World) - 2020
Vega Awards Meilleure expérience (United States) - 2020
360 Film Festival Grand Prix VR (France) - 2019
Anidox Best Immersive Work (Denmark) - 2019
Anima Audience Award (Belgium) - 2019
Lovie Awards Silver Lovie Award (World) - 2019
VR Days Gold Halo Awards (World) - 2019
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Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (Canada), 2021
Tribecca (United States), 2021
A MAZE. (Germany), 2020
FIPA DOC Biarritz (France), 2020
Games Com (World), 2020
New Images (France), 2020
New Images (France), 2020
Prix Italia (World), 2020
Smart Fipa (France), 2020
Annecy - Sélection Officielle (France), 2019
La Biennale di Venezia - Official Selection (Italy), 2019
Laval Virtual (France), 2019
Luxembourg City Film Festival (Luxembourg), 2019
Stereopsia (Belgium), 2019
VRHAM (Germany), 2019
GIFF (Switzerland), 2018
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