Des Sons Animés

Active since : 2019

With its ability to increase the sensory and emotional experience of the public, sound immersion has become the prerequisite of a modern and memorable event.

From design to integration, passing through creation and logistics, Ses Sons Animés is a creative agency that centralizes the infrastructure, tools and skills to produce and create the immersive and interactive sound experiences of tomorrow.

Leader in the field of sound spatialization, Des Sons Animés is a creative agency that centralizes the infrastructure, tools and skills to design and produce the immersive and interactive sound experiences of tomorrow.


At the forefront of technological innovation, Des Sons Animés meets the new challenges of immersive sound.
The agency works on the luxury and retail markets, the creative and cultural industries, well-being and the live and digital music industry.


Consulting, support in design workshop.
Global design of immersive and interactive sound experiences, physical, digital (Metaverse), and hybrid.
Acoustic design of rooms and events.
Design, installation and operation of spatialized sound diffusion systems.


Sound recording and 3D recording with ambisonic microphones.
Interactive sound spatialization.
Mixing and mastering in all immersive audio formats: Object, ADM, MPEGH, Ambisonic, Binaural, Dolby Atmos...


International residency program in sound spatialization.
Original music, sound design and Binaural podcast.
Composition and synchronization in 3 dimensions: multidimensional writing of immersive contents.
ISI program: Immersive Sound Identity


Development of customized tools based on the OpenSoundControl (OSC) protocol, to create bridges between sound spatialization and other artistic universes: light, mapping, dance...
Training courses and programs on immersive sound production techniques.



Based in the Paris region, the studio has the most innovative immersive system in Europe.
It is specialized in the creation and production of immersive and interactive sound experiences, and certified Dolby Atmos Music & Home Entertainment by Dolby France.
All mixing configurations can be virtualized. Mixing of Object, Ambisonic, Auro-3D, Binaural, 5.1, 7.1, Dolby 7.1.4, 9.1.4, MPEGH formats...
28 full range speakers and 4 bass boosters
4 video-projector OPTOMA EH406 ST Cube of 360° projection

BOIS COLOMBES (92270), France
We speak French, English
Update : 06/01/2023
Des Sons Animés Studio
The Supermen Lovers - H33
Des Sons Animés Studio
DSA Soundcloud
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Projects that showcase our skills and expertise
2020 - RMN - Grand Palais

Festival of electronic music and new event technologies

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Initial Festival - Bordeaux
2022 - Fever Originals

Fever trusted Des Sons Animés to produce and animate the first stage dedicated to sound immersion at a festival, allowing hundreds of festival-goers to discover the future of the dancefloor during the 12 hours of performances offered on this 360° stage.

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White Night Paris 2021
2021 - Bellevilloise Groupe

Des Sons Animés proposed an original hybrid concept mixing sound spatialization and interactive mapping, in which the movement of sound objects in space affects in real time the visual textures of the worlds projected on the walls of the building.

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