Eric Raynaud

Active since : 2011
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Fraction (Eric Raynaud) is a new media and sound artist working at the intersection of spatial sound, immersive and audiovisual experience design.

His practice has developed from a background in music composition and spatial sound which led him to put together complete skills in the field of new media and creative code art. He devotes his time writing, producing and performing pieces integrating digital materials of different kinds. Combining hybrid scenography, sound and generative visuals, his works aims to create physical experiences within the frame of abstract narration.

Fascinated in particular by sound intensity, energy, ecstasy, and the idea of "being able to sculpt digital disorder as a raw matter", Raynaud finds in the lexicon of sound spatialization the appropriate field for designing atypical pieces, placing at the center of his writing the immediate physical and emotional experience. In 2013, with the support of the CNC, he created the immersive audio visual performance DROMOS presented during  Mutek festival (Montreal) which has eventually been used by Apple in its 30th anniversary video 30. In 2014 he received Institut Français  digital art grant, which allowed him to pursue a research-creation project on real-time ambisonic spatialization and interaction with new media during a residency at the Société des Arts Technologiques, where he then created Entropia that toured the world between 2015-2018. In 2017, He was a laureate of SHAPE, a European scheme of 16 festivals and arts centers that supports musicians and multidisciplinary artists with innovative approaches in Europe.

Also a developper, he was lately leading a residency in artistic research at IRCAM (Paris, France) where he initiated xp4l, released in 2021, a flexible spatial sound system that will help to democratize immersive audio design among a younger generation of composers and new media artists.

As a multidisciplinary artist, his works have been featured worldwide in the major digital and sound art related cultural events. His wide range of skills allows him to collaborate with different people around the world in the field of new media art.

Paris (75015), France
I speak French, English
Update : 15/05/2024
Voices of Resonant Spaces
Fraction at 4D sound
Xp vs Iko
Dromos, an immersive performance
Spatial audio in Ableton with Xp4l
Unknown system 001
Ritual for a dying planet
Ritual for a dying planet at Lunch Meat festival (2021) (Jakub Dolezal)
Isometric for Parallèles at SAT (Montreal, 2023) (Myriam Ménard)
Entropia at Todays Art Festival (Den Hague, 2018) (Todays Art)
Vector Field at Centre Pompidou (Ircam Live, 2020) (Centre Pompidou)
Ethereal at SAT (Montreal, 2020) (Sebastien Roy)
From Better World (art pavilion at China Intl Import Exhibition in Suzhou, 2023) (Eric Raynaud)
Visual take from Ritual for a dying planet (2021) (Eric Raynaud)
Moonolith at ljubljana (2017) (Martin Baraga)
Ritual for a dying planet live at Gray Area (San Francisco, 2022) (Gray Area)
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Prix Numix (nominé) Production experientielle (Canada) - 2016
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International film festival Rotterdam Rotterdam (Netherlands), 2023
Parallèles SAT Montreal (Canada), 2023
Gray area, Distant Early Warnings festival San francisco (United States), 2022
Live Cinema festival Rome (Italy), 2022
Lunch Meat festival Prague (Czech Republic), 2021
Ircam Live Centre Pompidou (France), 2020
SAT Montreal SAT Montreal (Canada), 2020
Inversia Festival Mourmansk (Russian Federation), 2019
Volumens Festival Valence (Spain), 2019
Automne numérique - Ambassade de France Almaty (Kazakhstan), 2018
Festival Today's Art La Haye (Netherlands), 2018
Izlog Festival Zagreb (Croatia), 2018
Scopitone Nantes (France), 2018
Tadaex Teheran (Islamic Republic of Iran), 2018
Athens Digital Arts Festival Athens (Greece), 2017
Dave Festival / Cynetart Dresdend (Germany), 2017
Festival Maintenant Rennes (France), 2017
Festival Mutek SAT (Canada), 2017
SAT Fest 2017 SAT Montreal (Canada), 2017
Sonica Berlin Zku (Germany), 2017
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