Espaces Sonores

Active since : 2008

Espaces Sonores is a company dedicated to contextual sound creation and listening arts. At the border between soundscape listening, field recording and in situ composition, through the porosity proposed by works that interact with reality, and as a contributor to the development of sound art in open spaces, Espaces Sonores has been investing since 2008 in in situ sound experiences that encounter atypical spaces not intended for representation, to invite a diverse audience to experiment with another form of listening, possibly "augmented".

Anchored in a unique practice of phoNography and field recording, our desire for spaces and our practice of sound drive us to imagine devices and experiences that take the form of soundwalks or siestas, bare or "augmented" ear listening walks, listening yoga, or architectural sound installations.

These forms have been co-produced by organizations such as Le Cube (Digital Creation Center), Espace Mendes France / Lieu Multiple (Center for Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture), Lieux Publics (National Center and European Creation Pole), L'Usine (CNAREP), and Maison Salvan (Contemporary Art Center).

The "re_COMPOSED re_ALITY" device was awarded the DICRéAM (CNC - 2015) and the "Toulouse Up!" grant (City of Toulouse - 2014).

The reach of Espaces Sonores extends both locally (Toulouse Metropolis; Museum Toulouse; Quai des Savoirs...), regionally (ZAT, Montpellier; Ultrason Network, Aude; PMCA Perpignan Méditerranée...), nationally (MNHN, Paris; CCAS; Domaine de Chamarande; Musiques Démesurées; Longueur d'Ondes; I Sulleoni, Bastia...), and internationally (Singapore Arts Festival; "Semana de la Escucha", Medellin; "Hearsay International Audio Festival", Kilfinane; "When Art meets Science", Bozar, Brussels; Sonic Narratives, Timisoara ECC 2023...).

Since 2019, Stéphane Marin, artistic director of the company, teaches - and is a member of the Master "Sound Path" jury - at the National School of Audiovisual of Toulouse (ENSAV). He regularly gives lectures and workshops in higher schools of art and architecture (ULB, ENSAT, ENSAD, EESI...) as well as in agricultural high schools (LEGTA Beaulieu & Ondes), primary schools (program "Passeport pour l'Art" - Toulouse Metropolis since 2019), inviting all audiences to lend an ear.

He also produces radio pieces for France Culture, Arte Radio, and RFI.

His contributions are spread throughout the internet: Acoustic Cameras - Radio Aporee - Cities & Memory - Framework Radio.

His music is published on the Unfathomless (BEL) and Galaverna (IT) labels.

He contributed as a Peer Reviewer to the international conference "Listening pasts, listening futures", WFAE 2023, USA.



Toulouse (31000), France
We speak French, English
Update : 15/05/2024
Amazonas PhoNosynthesis @ Planetario - Medellin
Sensitive Phonographic Observatory of the Rhône
The Unheard Walks
Listening to borders - Medellin - Colombia
Burn the night
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Other references

Other projects that showcase our skills and expertise
2017 - Le Cube - Lieu Multiple - DICRéAM - Maison Salvan - EESI - ENSAD

This wandering performance offers a group of listeners the opportunity to experience different modes of attention during an "augmented" listening walk using headphones. This device invites us to explore different listening frameworks that transform the hybrid reality into a soundscape.

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An Umbrella for 2

This experiential sound walk for two, under an umbrella, is re-composed each time in relation to the places visited. Listening overlays with the ambient reality and invites the gaze towards subtle, invisible, unheard details, offering the listeners new landscape perspectives.

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Elemental - ecological & landscape sound nap
2013 - Le Cube - Domaine de Chamarande - MHNH - Musiques Démesurées - ZAT - Théâtre Bretigny - CCAS...

Sound installation based on environmental sound recordings (field recording), highlighting the indigenous musicality of nature sounds, and specifically evoking the 4 elements (earth, air, water, fire). Sound is diffused through noise-cancelling headphones (-36dB).

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Exposition "Ô Sport, des Jeux pour des dieux" Museoparc Alesia (France), 2024
Passage de la Flamme Auch Médiathèque du Grand Auch (France), 2024
)) archi_teXtures sonores (( #3- (( Théatre )) - Coulisses sonores - Ma Scène Nationale - Montbéliard (France), 2021
Observatoire PhoNographique Sensible du Pays de Montbéliard Ma Scène Nationale - Montbéliard (France), 2021
Semana de la Escucha Auditum - Medellìn (Colombia), 2019
Fête de la Nature MNHN - Museum national d'histoire naturelle - Paris (France), 2019
)) archi_teXtures sonores (( #2 - (( Usine )) - Haïkus sonores (Nuits Bleues) - L'Usine - CNAREP (Centre national des arts de la rue et de l'espace public ) (France), 2018
When Art meets Science Bozar / Tour & Taxis - Bruxelles (Belgium), 2018
)) archi_teXtures sonores (( #1 - (( Maison )) / Maison Salvan - Centre d'art (France), 2017
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