Femme Fatale Studio

Active since : 2015

Femme Fatale Studio is a creative studio dedicated to providing digital, interactive and immersive experiences.
Specialized in audiovisual and interactive devices for museums and cultural institutions, we create and produce in parallel our own exclusive and original creations.

Femme Fatale Studio was born from the combination of 3 passionate partners with complementary profiles. Production management, creative management and technological management: they form a complete production framework that transmits its expertise and vision to the skills of the studio.

But that's not all: directors, designers, artists, developers, animators, project managers... The members of our team all embody a specific side of the creativity and technological innovation that drives our projects.

Combining art, design and new forms of writing, we create audiovisual and interactive content that is visually attractive, intuitive and ergonomic. Whether in 3D, in animation or with image compositing, we offer unique and meaningful experiences.

Working for a long time in the field of culture and documentary, the studio has focused since 2018 on creating immersive and audiovisual devices for museums, including the achievement of audiovisual and interactive devices of the permanent courses of the National Museum of Norway (2022), the National Museum of Oman (2023) or the exhibition "Immersive Mona Lisa" co-produced by the Grand Palais Immersive and the Louvre Museum (2022).

At the same time we produce, conceive and direct our own exclusive creations, such as narrative experiences in Virtual Reality or animated films broadcasted in 360° domes,  continually seeking to to explore new ways of writing and staging.

Paris (75002), France
We speak French, English
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Thibault Jorge
Update : 05/09/2022
Showreel - Femme Fatale Studio - 2021
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Other projects that showcase our skills and expertise
Immersive Mona Lisa
2022 - Le Louvre, Le Grand Palais Immersif, Artisans d'Idées

The exhibition "Immersive Mona Lisa" invites the public to rediscover this great icon of art history in completely new conditions, in 6 chapters, to travel through its history, but also to get closer to its pictorial surface.

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