Thomas Laigle

Active since : 2017
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Born in 1990 in Saumur, Thomas Laigle graduated from Theatre National de Strasbourg where he trained at sound and light pratices. His research is at the junction of the performing and visual arts, between creative technicality and low-tech digital art.

Audiovisual performance, electronic music, field-recording, light installation, interactions with the life forms are different mediums he uses to wonder about human emotions within our technological environment.

His work reveals the power of existing but invisible phenomena thanks to simple technical tools.
He creates immersive environments where sound, light (and sometimes life forms) interact together.

Vernantes (49390), France
I speak French, English, Spanish
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Update : 26/11/2022
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Experimance Festival Saarebruck - Silodom (France), 2023
Dernier des Mercredis de Montevideo Montevidéo, Marseille (France), 2022
La Nuit Immersive SUPER TOMORROW Église des Célestins, Festival d'Avignon (France), 2022
Mapping Festival Kzern, Genève (Switzerland), 2022
Tempers I Thomas Laigle Point Éphémère, Paris (France), 2022
Drac & Frac PACA / Les 4 étoiles CCAS, Six-Fours-les-plages (France), 2021
Electrons Libres Nantes - Stéréolux (France), 2021
Nuit Immersive #2 (Tracks Arte / Adami / Arty Farty) Lyon - Auditorium (France), 2019
Festival Interstice Caen - Centre Chorégraphique National (France), 2018
Festival Maintenant Rennes - Église du Vieux-st-Étienne (France), 2018
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