Artisans d'idées

Beginning of activity : 2014

Artisans d’idées leads an ecosystem of five co-companies specialised in digital culture. We bring together bespoke technical skill, multidisciplinary talents and artistic reflection to cultivate a good creative-technical balance that is essential to our projects. Above all, this ensures that our clients receive artistic and technical expertise throughout the entire cultural production process, from conception to exhibition. Common sense, collective intelligence and shared knowledge guide our practice.


Digital Scenography : conception of digital scenography, multimedia tools and engineering studies in broadcasting systems and audiovisual exhibitions. 


Digital Experience Producer : production of immersive audiovisual shows, educational films or documentaries, interactive devices and creative videos for museums and institutions. 


Digital Installation : expertise in technical solutions that remain as close as possible to the original artistic concept. Dedicated to the supply, installation and maintenance of digital equipment for multi-sensory exhibitions.


Interactive Content Programming : research and development of interactive devices for exhibitions. With a focus on innovation, they conceive new forms of audiovisual storytelling and alternative uses of the latest technologies to offer new multimedia tools to museums. 


Exhibition Production : exhibition production for cultural and immersive spaces dedicated to the dissemination of digital artwork. They receive artist collectives and create workshops and events for emerging professions in this innovative field.

Update : 13/01/2022
Marseille (13006), France
We talk French, German, English, Spanish
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Thaïs Moiroud
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Other realisations

2021 - L'État norvégien - Statsbygg

Design and production of a large-scale exhibition to embark visitors on an immersive journey through fascinating natural environnements.

2020 - RMN-Grand Palais - Sylvain Roca Scénographe

Lundi8 conceived the digital scenography for this immersive journey that plunges the visitor into the heart of Pompeii through 360° projections in very high definition, sound creations and 3D reconstructions of streets and houses.

Millenial cities
2018 - Client : Institut du Monde arabe - En collaboration avec : Iconem, l'UNESCO et Ubisoft

Palmyra, Aleppo, Mosul, Leptis Magna resurrected for the duration of an exhibition, through a virtual journey and a spectacular immersive staging... Lundi8 designed the digital scenography, including 4 monumental projections (16K) created in 3D from of photogrammetric readings.

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