Crossed Lab

Beginning of activity : 2013

Crossed Lab is a production bureau dedicated to contemporary creation since 2013. We carry out hybrid and cross-disciplinary projects which are at the intersection of art, technology and science.


Crossed Lab supports the idea of an “age of maturity” of digital contemporary arts. Beyond group shows and curatorial themes, strong assets for art discovery and having some distance with our current technologies, the last 20 years witnessed the rise of digital artists that refined their art up to a demanding corpus of artwork. We believe solo shows could immerse the audience into their singular worlds. By confirming these “signatures” throughout experiential environments, we hope to contribute to push our talents from emerging to confirmed. Through over two decades, digital art became art, since digital is embedded with creation, from idea to tools, medium and message. A few French artists developed a mature corpus of artwork, and are able to offer demanding, large scale, immersive exhibitions, accessible from family to art expert audiences.

Our activities and expertise

Production :

- Light and sound installations

- Oudoor installations

- Virtual reality

- Projects at the intersection of art, technology and science

- Solo shows exhibitions for digital artists

Curation and artistic direction

Our relationship with artists

Based on the intuition of a transformation of art by and with “new” technologies, we have chosen to support artists in their hybrid, transversal and interdisciplinary productions. Equal in risk taking, we define with and for them a favorable development framework and accompany them to the full realization of their artistic works. This position of “facilitator” connect us directly with both their production realities and the environment that welcomes them.

Update : 26/05/2022
Lyon (69003), France
We talk French, English
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Julien Taïb
Sani Marcovici


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#ALPHALOOP au Palais des Ducs d'Aquitaine Palais des Ducs d'Aquitaine à Poitiers (France), 2021
Cosmos District Strasbourg (France), 2021
Donner forme à l'Ether Espace Multimédia Gantner - Bourogne (France), 2021
Festival Némo / Curiositas ENS Saclay (France), 2021
FME Rouyn-Noranda - Quebec (Canada), 2021
BigTorrent 2020 Lyon (France), 2020
Bristol Light Festival Bristol (United Kingdom), 2020
Festival Bien Urbain Besançon (France), 2020
Festival Turfu Caen (France), 2020
NEGOTIUM Marché d'intérêt national, Grenoble (France), 2020
Access Bel Ordinaire - pau (France), 2019
Constellations de Metz Metz (France), 2019
Festival Pléïades Le 9bis, Saint-Etienne (France), 2019
L'eau parfois transporte le temps Galerie Floréal Belleville (France), 2019
Mutek SF San Francisco (United States), 2019
Berlin Atonal Berlin (Germany), 2014
Wonder of Fantasy, National Taiwan Museum Of Fine Art Taichung (Taiwan), 2014

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Solo show Olivier Ratsi - Gaité Lyrique - 2021
Axis Mvndi - Nicolas Montgermont
Light Fountain - Joan Giner


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