Beginning of activity : 2011

Founded in 2011, INVIVO is a collective of artists who come together through their vision and stage experiences in order to create unique stage forms on the front-lines of immersive arts, digital arts and theatre.

INVIVO produces shows placing the audience’s perception and immersion at the heart of their work focusing on how the viewer’s perceptions and sensations contribute to new stage-writing forms. They develop their own productions in a unique writing process, and collaborate with other artists and stage directors. They creates stage works on the frontiers of theatre and immersive and digital arts. In the development of their dramaturgy, technologies are at the heart of the talk and the fiction as much as they are used as scenic writing tools. The themes of dreams, sleep, the limit between real world, virtual and dreamlike, are all topics that cross their research. 

After Parfois je rêve que je vois (Sometimes I Dream That I See) and Blackout, INVIVO explored the future of sleep, dreams and technology on 24/7, an immersive show with VR headsets created in 2018. In 2019, the collective creates Céto, an immersive play for 18 years old children in which we follow a diver into a strange journey, turning into different intriguing creatures on underwater fund. Tesseract (0.00/0.00) create in 2020, is a visual and sound experience embodying the desire to represent the fourth dimension. Both shows and installation are currently on tour. 

INVIVO is an associate artist at Les Gémeaux, National Scene of Sceaux (headed by Severine Bouisset) and hosted for artistic residencies throughout at Théâtre Nouvelle Génération – Les Ateliers - CDN de Lyon (headed by Joris Mathieu).

Update : 21/11/2022
Lyon (69008), France
We talk French, English
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Emilie Briglia
Julien Dubuc
Artistic direction


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Festival Micro Mondes Théâtre Nouvelle Génération - Lyon (France), 2021
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The Blind - teaser
Blackout (© Aurélie Jullien)
Sometimes I Dream That I See (© Marjolaine Moulin)
24/7 (© Margot Simmoney)
Céto (© Nicolas Richard)
Tesseract (0.00/0.00) (© INVIVO)
The Blind (© INVIVO - Julien Dubuc)
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