Eddie Ladoire

Active since : 1999
A person

Both a plastic artist and a musician, Having majored in Applied Arts and Electroacoustic Music at the Conservatoire de Bordeaux (with Christian Eloy & Jean-Yves Bosseur), Eddie Ladoire works on the sound, as a physical and sensory phenomenon, as an environment, a support and a starting point for a narration.

His writing is made from recording architectures and landscapes’s sound identity. His electroacoustic compositions, with multiple fragments and studied éditings, create mental images.


From a game of transformations, amplifications, distorting or not the sound material collected, Eddie Ladoire generates a new sound universe, composed of unheard-of abstract elements and well-known elements, familiar to the human ear, to which yet we do not pay attention. To the time frozen by the in situ recording, is added that of the electroacoustic composition heard like the modeling of matter in motion. Made of sounds hidden under ambient noise, minute variations, minor waves, presences, voices and intimacy, Eddie Ladoire's sound pieces are by nature, sensitive and immersive auditory experiences. Playing with borders, his electroacoustic compositions combine the aesthetics of concrete music, the source of the poetic and melodic dimension of his work, with the sound processing techniques of electronic music. Eddie Ladoire's practice is rooted in the concepts of soundscapes (Raymond Murray Schafer), landscapes recomposed by sound (Luc Ferrari "Presque Rien" series) oscillating between field recording, concrete music and elements composed in the studio to produce sound images, a cinema for the ear.


His works, integrated into the CNAP and several FRAC's collections, are presented either in the form of geolocated or not geolocated sound tour (including those broadcast on the Listeners application), or in the form of in situ spatialized and immersives installations, encouraging the listener to move in a space between reality and fiction. From this approach, was born the series entitled “Intimacy”, a work in progress developed since 2008 in France and abroad (French Institute of Vietnam, Center for Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires, French Embassy in Hong Kong, etc.).

Author of radio works and sound postcards (Les Ateliers de Création Radiophonique - France Musique: "New York New York", "Les Rites Funéraires"), Eddie Ladoire also produces creations and sound design for exhibition scenographies, installations or films. Photography, video or objects can thus interact with the sound material, constituting a new structure to deploy this singular aesthetic, where the sound transforms and truly inhabits the space.

Bordeaux (33000), France
I speak French, English
Update : 12/04/2023
Eddie Ladoire "Stressful Light " 2008
Vostok, a cabin listening to the Universe
Eddie Ladoire (Frac Grand Large)
Eddie Ladoire (Frac Grand Large)
Eddie Ladoire's Soundcloud
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Exposition « MAS ALLA DEL SONIDO", au Muntref Centre d’Art Contemporain de Buenos Aires Installation sonore - Collection du Centre national des arts plastiques (Argentina) - 2016
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Salon Saïgon Institut français du Vietnam (Vietnam), 2018
FIAC Les Berges de Seine (France), 2014
OARA Festival Ritournelles (France), 2012
Air and Space Museum Le Bourget (France), 2011
Cité des sciences et de l'Industrie Paris (France), 2011
Nuit Blanche Paris (France), 2011
SCRIME Université de Bordeaux (France), 2008
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